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audience research

Gert Nulens “The DNA of our audience: can we change participation”
Lecture at the Circostrada meeting in Salzburg, december 2013
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Jef Vlegels & John Lievens (2011) About arts and cultural heritage participation. Presentation at Seminar about participation survey. Ghent, Belgium.
Download powerpoint (in Dutch)

Pierre Bourdieu (1979) La distinction. Critique sociale du jugement, 672 p.

Paul DiMaggio (1982) Cultural capital and school success. American Sociological Review, 47: 189–201.

Anne Bamford and Michael Wimmer. Audience building and the future Creative Europe Programme. EENC Short Report, January 2012.
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European Commission. Eurobarometer 399: cultural access and participation. November 2013.
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