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International co-operation

europeDommelhof /Theater op de Markt is a member of several European co-operation projects. This international netwerk gives us the opportunity to monitor innovations in the performing arts field. Moreover we hope to introduce our artists in this network and try to find international touring opportunities.

European Funds
The ‘Creative Europe’ programme of the European Commission offers three instruments for international co-operation: projects, networks, and platforms. Dommelhof /Theater op de Markt is active within these three European instruments for co-operation.

Projects: In Situ ACT, CircusNext / Networks: CircoStrada / Platforms: In Situ Platform

In Situ ACT (2016-2020)
ACT structures the sector of artistic creation in public space, Platform works to promote it. Together they form a whole in an integrated system designed to structure the sector of artistic creation in public space and its artists, support their emergence and improve their visibility.

CircusNext (2013-2017)
CircusNext (formerly known as Jeunes Talents Cirque Europe) is a European key structure in the development of contemporary circus, and for the acknowledgement of circus as an art form in itself. The project offers an innovative scheme of identification, support, and promotion for emerging circus creators at European level.

CircoStrada (2014-2017)
The objectives of Circostrada Network are to work towards the development and structuring of street arts and circus arts on the European scale and advocate for their best work conditions. The network contributes to the circulation of information within the field, by favouring meetings and exchanges and co-operation between European professionals.

In Situ PLATFORM (2014-2017)
The mission of the IN SITU platform is to provide the emerging field of ‘art in public spaces’ with a reference organisation within Europe, a place that serves both as a physical location and a virtual space for discussion and profile-raising, so that art in public space can become an artistic genre in its own right.

Flemish/Dutch Co-operation

Dommelhof /Theater op de Markt has been funded in the programme BesteBuren. Together with the festival Rotterdam Circusstad (NL) we produced a Circus Labyrinth. Young Belgian and Dutch circus artists presented their surprising acts in a labyrinth, directed by the multitalented artist Claudio Stellato. The Circus Labyrinth was presented in Rotterdam and Neerpelt.